Our Teams

Our Teams

We're a passionate team

We believe in what we do and we are excited about creating new technology that will change the nails industry.


A serial Entreperneur with extensive experience in Digital, Hardware & Software solution priority is creating the strategy, vision, culture and making sure…

Media / PR Consultant

RA has PR agency since 2010. RA has successfully delivered PR and media coverage for clients in fashion & Beauty, IT and…

Tech Lead

With extensive knowledge and experience of delivering solutions, SK is responsible for providing what customers want today and with an innovative approach…

Finance Officer

MH is responsible for all things financial. Ensuring the operational side of the business is running smoothly and offering strategic guidance to…

Mechanical Design Engineer

RG is responsible for product design with 15+ years of experience and 1st class degree in Product design, development and six sigma…

Electrical Design Engineer

DW is responsible for electrical engineering and design - with 38 years of experience in Electronics design, Prototyping, Embedded solution and 10…

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