The constraints and health risks of acrylic and gel nails

Artificial nails such as gel and acrylic can be hard on your natural ones. Not only can they start to look damaged, but they become thinner and more fragile due to fake nails being glued on top therefore stunting their growth and health.

Chemicals in the products used to apply them such as glue and special nail remover can be damaging to not only the nails but the skin it comes into contact with.

Fake nails are high maintenance, they need regular touch ups, every few weeks, and their cost can be quite high with prices usually ranging from £20 and above. Doing this twice a month can be pricey. As well as being costly, it also leads the consumer to believe that in order to hide the unhealthy-looking natural nails, their only option is to cover them up with more fake ones which carries them into a bad habit.

Gel is a better option if you wish to lessen the damage to your nails than acrylics. They are not as harsh. Gel is more flexible whereas acrylics are tough and cause the nails to become more brittle but with gel, it allows them to have a bit more breathing room. However, when going to get them professionally done make sure you go somewhere where they use an LED curing light rather than UV as this leads to a higher risk in skin conditions and cancer.

Alternatively, you could use a smart nail set which is applied by your own hands. This would eliminate the high costs of a salon as well as saving your nails from the damage they could suffer at the hands of gel and acrylics put on professionally. It gives you the freedom to choose your own colours and patterns from its app selection. They can only be worn for a maximum of ten hours day allowing your nails to grow naturally.

In addition, cuticles are also cut in order to fit the gel or acrylics correctly onto your natural nail. This can leave the cuticles feeling rough and uneven when they grow back and not only does this look aesthetically unpleasing, it is also a safety hazard. Cut cuticles leave the nails vulnerable to infection as bacteria is easily able to get into them. It takes a while for the infection to clear.

Although they do have their faults, it isn’t to say that they can never be worn. As long as you don’t overdo it and only wear them for special occasions or just as a treat, they shouldn’t be a problem and will have no lasting, damaging effects.

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