Gel and Acrylic Nails

Throughout the years, fake nails has been a booming industry. Since 2012 this industry has seen rise of 8-10% yoy and today stands at whooping $100+ billion. The innovation has brought nail technicians together to create the best nail designs to the market.

In the UK, reality shows such as TOWIE and Geordie Shore are a big influence for fake nails. As well as celebrities they see online or follow on Instagram with their glamorous manicures, they tend to copy the trends.

Women spend £450 a year each on their nails and 86% said they wouldn’t attend a job interview without a fresh set on, according to Daily Mail.

Not only is it a trend but women feel more confident wearing them. So much so that they wouldn’t want to make a first impression without them. In a survey conducted by Original Additions, another reason there is a surge in the nail trend is increased phone and tablet exposure in jobs. This means a lot more wear and tear on the actual nails and so therefore women see it an armour.

There is also a lot of nails salons around everywhere you go now. High streets have multiple now, enticing people who walk past not even intending to get their nails done, to try it out.

Although there have been no technological advancements in the field, the celebrity exposure this industry is getting is enough for that to be okay. People are copying what they see which A-list celebrities is flying out their nail technicians all over the world for them to use, signifying the importance of good nails. Nail technicians have been using the same equipment for years now with no improvements except better artistry but that is not technology. There is still a lot of potential to grow this billion-dollar industry even further as it doesn’t seem to be slowing down at all. The popularity is increasing with more and more young girls being exposed to this new world.

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